End Times Apologetics – ETA Ministries

End Time Apologetics (ETA Ministries) based in Salem, Oregon; quenching the hunger and thirst of God's children; moving where God calls us to move, all in the name of Jesus. We feel a specific call to provide for those in need. Therefore we have designed special outreach programs specifically tailored for each community need. The presence of homelessness has become noticeable, and unfortunately, the epidemic appears to be worsening. In the short term, we address the need of the homeless community by providing food, water, clothing, and other necessities on a regular basis to individuals in immediate need. Most importantly, we are spreading the gospel and the love of Christ through our community interactions.

For those overcoming addiction, it's important to have a support group that they can rely on when they need to talk. We offer that emotional support but also provide logistical support, connecting them with individuals and/or organizations that can provide the medical or financial support they require but we cannot provide. Our farm project was designed in order to address poverty and the long term needs of homelessness and addiction. The housing, work and education programs provide a way for individuals to create a revenue stream that can sustain them as they move forward in their rehabilitation.

Jesus never withheld sustenance on account of circumstance or blind ignorance, He fed the hungry and spoke to those who listened. In the same way, we serve everyone in need, no prequalifiers, and we trust God to use our faithfulness for His greater purpose. We also maintain a proactive strategy, building opportunities and communities for individuals who have overcome their life trials through the power of God and are seeking a long term commitment towards a godly purpose. Our goal is to spread the gospel and provide support to the Christian community in every possible way.

Your donations are the life blood of our organization, we rely on your faithful giving to sustain our activities. If God is calling you to share, give us a call (503) 744-9224 or contact us here. We are currently working on an online giving option, we appreciate your patience as we integrate that feature into our website.