Daily Ministries

We maintain a daily blog/podcast, as well as a number of social media platforms for daily encouragement and support. We strongly encourage you to participate and share with one another in the spirit of love, with kindness and consideration.


We have short term and long term solutions to the homelessness epidemic. Click here to learn more!


We understand the difficulties that addicts face when they are trying to get clean. We offer support and information for now, but we will implement recovery programs in our long term solutions as finances allow. Click here to learn more!

Grief Counseling

Unfortunately, tragic things happen to innocent bystanders on a daily basis, it's a consequence of living in a sin filled world. However, you aren't alone. Whether its suicide, rape, death, or any other traumatic experience that is troubling you, we are here to help. Click here to learn more!


We fight poverty through a variety of methods. We offer free business services to entrepreneurs to help improve their business. To combat hunger, we organize community gardens and sustainable solutions for families. Find out more by clicking here!

Your donations are the life blood of our organization, we rely on your faithful giving to sustain our activities. If God is calling you to share, give us a call (503) 744-9224 or contact us here. We are currently working on an online giving option, we appreciate your patience as we integrate that feature into our website.